Training Catalog

[Training] Secondary Trauma & Helping Professionals (3 hours)

This three-hour, non-clinical training module is designed to educate and build skills around understanding secondary trauma and cumulative stress with a specific focus on improving the wellness and safety of service providers working in direct care with people who use drugs. Training topics include supporting resilience and preventing secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout.

Learning Objectives 

Participants will:   

  1. Distinguish between primary and secondary trauma and identify similarities in their symptoms. 
  1. Describe the causes, symptoms, and outcomes of cumulative stress and secondary trauma.  
  1. Develop and implement tools for evaluating stress within their lives.  
  1. Identify help resources, self-care tools, and collective care strategies for addressing cumulative stress and trauma.   


Audience: Employers/worksites, Providers, Substance Use Services