Who we are.

What drives us to BeHERE?

HRiA’s BeHERE Initiative envisions an equitable behavioral health system that allows all to thrive.

Our approach.

Transforming behavioral health systems

Our goal is to create the conditions for all people and communities to attain optimal health.

We offer bold, equity-centered solutions to transform…


Awareness & Attitudes:

We challenge the behavioral health stereotypes and assumptions that create stigma and cause harm, creating opportunities for learning and unlearning through training, engagement, and storytelling.



We provide education, training, and support to those working to address the behavioral health needs of their communities. By increasing access to effective prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery services in communities of color, we improve access for everyone.



We advocate for policies and practices that are human-centered, trauma-informed, and asset-based, shifting responses to behavioral health conditions away from punishment and shame, and toward treatment and support.

Our framework.

Operationalizing racial equity in behavioral health

Our framework guides our work with communities, partners, and clients as well as our internal policies and processes.

Comprising three foundational components, this framework is a lens through which we operationalize and advance health equity.

The BeHERE Initiative team has tailored the HRiA Health Equity Framework to behavioral health.


What is really causing racial inequities in behavioral health outcomes? What is driving the dominant narratives and stigma? What stories remain hidden?

We reflect on and address the social, economic, and physical determinants of behavioral health, while acknowledging the historical and contemporary injustices and systemic oppression that create and perpetuate these conditions.

We challenge commonly held assumptions and deeply embedded narratives, while asking how – not whether – racism plays a role.


Who is included, and how? Who is left out, and why? Who benefits and who experiences harm?

To advance behavioral health equity and ensure that solutions are both appropriate and collectively owned, we create and sustain authentic and diverse engagement with communities, sectors, leaders, and other individuals.

And we always ask whose voices might still be missing from the conversation.


What dynamics are at play? Who influences and makes decisions? How can we correct power imbalances?

We engage in power-shifting in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC)-led groups organizing for systemic change in our communities.

We are committed to transforming the underlying systems, practices, policies, and cultural norms that create racial inequities in behavioral health.

Our team.

Behind every good organization are good people.
Get to know ours.

Jen Cyran

Jennifer Cyran

Managing Director

Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard

Project Manager

Gracie Rolfe

Gracie Rolfe

Project Manager

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