The BeHERE Initiative

Advancing racial equity in behavioral health

We build capacity to transform policies and practices in prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery.

An initiative of Health Resources in Action (HRiA).

Who We Are

About the BeHERE Initiative

Everyone has the right to optimal health. Through the BeHERE Initiative, we seek to transform behavioral health systems to ensure they work for all people.

Health Resources in Action’s BeHERE Initiative embraces a broad, holistic definition of behavioral health that includes:

  • The promotion of mental health, resilience, and well-being
  • The treatment of substance use, mental health, and process disorders
  • The support of those who experience or are in recovery from these conditions, as well as their families and communities

BeHERE in the Workplace

At the cutting edge of industry change

Workplace injuries and stress can happen, but they don’t have to result in opioid use disorder or a heightened risk of overdose. In this section, we explore the connection between opioids and pain on the job, why a recovery-supportive workplace is better for everyone, and how the workplace can be part of the opioid solution.

BeHERE In the Community

Empowering community change makers through training

With a focus on power-shifting and challenging harmful stereotypes and stigma, BeHERE training and technical assistance opportunities provide the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to better serve your entire community. Add to your toolkit through trainings on overdose prevention, stigma, the racist history of drug policy, and more.