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[Training] Addressing Drug-Related Stigma and Bias (3 hours)

Drug-related stigma presents barriers to effectively supporting clients who use drugs. Our biases are learned from a culture that stigmatizes drug use and ostracizes those with substance use disorders. This three-hour training will focus on identifying our biases, unpacking social stigma surrounding people who use drugs, and practicing actions we can take to address them.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Unpack drug related stigma at the community, individual, and structural level 
  1. Gain a framework (ladder of inference) and tools to examine personal biases and unpack them 
  1. Learn about the manifestations of drug-related stigma in media, policies, politics, etc. 
  1. Develop strategies to challenge workplace/community policies and culture that perpetuate stigma 
  1. Build skills to interrupt/challenge drug-related stigma at the interpersonal level 

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Audience: Employers/worksites, Providers, Substance Use Services, People in recovery, General Public