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[Training] Challenging Narratives: Understanding Alcohol Use from an Equity Lens (3 hours)

This three-hour training will explore the definition and impacts of alcohol use, recognizing the spectrum of use from abstinence to addiction. Specifically, we will examine the social determinants of alcohol use and seek to understand and challenge inequities (e.g. racial, gender-based, etc.) in treatment and recovery.

Learning Objectives 

Participants will:   

  1. Understand the impact of alcohol use and alcohol use disorder (AUD) on individuals and society 
  1. Define AUD and describe the spectrum of alcohol use 
  1. Identify at least 3 harm reduction and treatment options for people who use alcohol 
  1. Gain perspective on experiences of people with AUD, actively or in recovery 
  1. Understand the profound connections between societal alcohol use and the opioid epidemic 

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Audience: Employers/worksites, Providers, Substance Use Services, General Public